New things to desperately want so much that it hurts, from NZ's Douglas and Bec

New Line floor lamp - in winter 2016's most sexy cast, Camel.

Line floor lamp with white painted timber base, raw brass rod and white blown-glass light

Perfection with that low shelf

One for each side of my bed, in blush hand-blown glass, please 

A new iteration for the Line collection of pendants

The best things take time. New Zealand brand Douglas and Bec (and my #WCE Bec Dowie) launched their new Line collection back in May last year, introducing a whole stable of new products but promising even more in the collection still to come. Well, Well, Well....come to the newest additions to the Line collection - from top: the dressing mirror my bedroom needs, finished with brass details and a small shelf; new colour and material combinations in their Line Floor Lamps; the Line Wall Mounted Light 2.0and the new Compact 04 style of Line pendants.

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