Bees are amazing, and new NZ brand Lumojo know this, man:

Bees are amazing. Did you know that if we didn't have them, we likely wouldn't have 80% of the fruit and veges we take for granted on our supermarket shelves? We need bees. While we're sharing facts, did you know that to produce just 500 grams of honey, about 2 million flowers have to be visited? The average worker bee only makes about 1/2 a teaspoon to a teaspoon of honey in their whole lifetime. 

Makes a pot of honey that much more special, don't it. New NZ brand Lumojo are giving bees' work the reverence it deserves by putting it in beautiful ceramic vessels that will last as long as the honey inside. (That's forever-ever. Honey never spoils.) 

Liz Urquhart, a top food-industry exec before she founded Lumojo, has developed four different Lumojo varietals, and they come in either a set of three teeny ceramic taster jars (with different coloured glazes inspired by the floral origin), or in a classic 400gram size (um, that's about one million, six hundred thousand flowers' worth, or roughly the work of 800 little honey bees). 

The Lumojo packaging and brand identity were designed by one of NZ's best studios, Alt Group.

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