Your weekly design feast - it's time for another Pick n Mix...

Hey, babies! Let's look at nice things together, shall we?

All photography © Tom Blachford

Woah, woah woah. Mammoth cafe, in Melbourne, designed by the unstoppable amazingness that is Techne Architecture & Interior Design. Love all the blue (blue-grey terrazzo tiled floor, pastel blue powdercoat on the Dowel Jones chairs, and that electric blue counter!)

Simple-but-non-standard shapes from Sydney ceramic design co, Anekka

It's been a while since we've had some full blown brand inspo. Dig this suite for FineFolk, by Design Ranch. Not sure what the teeny black envelope would be for, but I must. have. one.

Always try to keep one eyeball on what designer Caroline Gomez is up to... and she's up this trio of serving boards, Block. That sexy concave though...

Peekage at the new collection from those Swedish folksies House of Rym, coming in 2016.

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