Your first look at Citta's new Winter'16 homeware collection...

Get in my house. Now.

Citta's David Moreland has designed a whole new range of lighting for the new collection

I love these new stools...
...they're my fave piece from the new collection. Be mine, Valentine?

NZ's Citta Design have just launched their new Winter 16 collection - Beautiful Utility - inspired by the colours and culture of Berlin as it was in the 70s. It was a city of contrast - the modern and thriving West Berlin, alongside the gritty grey Soviet-lead East Berlin. The new collection captures that contrast so well - with controlled, structured shapes and forms and a masculinity about the collection, offset by clean lines, feminine colours and beautiful natural materials. There's plenty here for lovers of black, white and grey, with lots of lovelies in sage green and peachy pink too.

The grid pattern is still big for 2016, but Citta have changed it up a little with their more elegant elongated grid, which features on everything from reversible bath towels and reversible duvet covers to coffee cups and platters.

Our favey faves have to be growing collection of expensive-feeling throws and blankets, the new stools and sets of drawers (those stools and those drawers make me die dead - RIP me), and a new sideboard. True fact - Citta are killing. it. with their furniture these days.

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