Sweets for my Sweet - another Friday Pick n Mix:

More sweets for my sweet (that's you!)...

If I should ever flatline, come to my hospital bed and put some Minka Inhouse ceramics in front of me, because they're giving me life. 

I try to keep one beady eyeball on Australia's Whiting Architects at all times. This is the new Melbourne flagship home of Swiss whiteware brand V-Zug, showing other showrooms how showrooms can be done (that is, done like freakin' gorgeous, aspirational homes). 

I don't know how I feel about this bedding set from new Brooklyn-based homeware co Aelfie. 
I think I feel really, really good about it...

Growing up, my mum had a huge glass jar filled with sea-shell soaps that we weren't allowed to use - I always thought that having 'show soaps' was the stupidest thing ever. Turns out I'm becoming my mum...  New York's PELLE not only design beautiful architectural lighting and furniture, they also hand-make perhaps the best looking soaps I've ever seen.

One of our long-time faves, Lightly (Melbourne designer Cindy-Lee Davies) has launched a range of rugs. Handstands!

Too many cute kids' wear/ware brands to keep track of! Here's another one for your notebook:  Walnut and Walrus

Photography by Brooke Holm
Loved Australian artist Kirra Jamison has opened her own yoga studio, Good Vibes.
The calming, clean, contemporary interior she's designed is giving me lots of them. 

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