Sunday morning - take me to interior design CHURCH! Fancy Spaces for you:

Ah yes, this is good. Love the black bench seat. Defo needs some 'dressing' now though... what would you add to this space? (P.S: If you're looking for a black bench seat, I designed one! They're available here)

Ooh I do my tp the same way - tucked into a storage sack. Love the vintage sink on industrial piping, and the way they've taken the tiles right around the built-in bath.

Inaugural Fancy conference! No stink little notepads in the conference pack, I promise you'll all get hardcover blank journals and black ink pens. We'll be holding it here, a boutique accommodation on the coast of North Sweden called Sagverket - The Sawmill. (We've featured a couple of pics once before - ssssh). In other news, I love the way black chairs look with a blonde timber table, and I'll always be mad for an Ay Illuminate pendant light. 

One of Sagverket's front rooms where we'll enjoy a working lunch of rösti and stroopwafels.  

I'm always drawn to kitchens where the crockery and serveware is displayed neatly on shelves, like this little beauty. Like how they've also displayed a few cookbooks and a matching stack of tea towels. Not sure I could really live with it like that though...

Amazing apartment, with internal black steel doors, feat. one of my fave posters by PlayType.

More things arranged neatly, this time in a beautiful vintage San Fran set up. Special mention's gotta go to the reclaimed Douglas fir island bench with that sunk-in marble chopping surface. Also, who says the sink needs to be in the middle of your working space? Love it off to one side like this.

I know, right? Totally. 

Vintage, done right, will always beat modern.

Plants and cute framed art - winning combo.

I'ma leave you here for the morning, thinking about how lovely sage green is and where to find brass pendant lights and bar stools like that...

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