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Aga dreams...

These white linen light-shades are my current fave. Bold as hell, yet soft. (The original and most famous of them is the Ay Illuminate - available in New Zealand from our friends at Tessuti)

The other view from this room... love those horizontal black handles on the white kitchen cabinets. (Also, I spy a black fridge)

Another Scandi linen light! What I love about this laid-back space are all the 'ugly' chairs that don't match around the table, and the sun-drenched bench seat.

Black fridge meets bleached blonde floors, fall for each other, have life-long romance.

Layered rugs looking good, and pink is still cool (P.S: Pantone, you are about a year late)
Spindleback chairs, black festoon lights, white grid tiles, light timber floors, and ooh, another black fridge... it's like we're playing Scandi interior Bingo! 

Freakin' perfect little bedroom, bike and all.
Steal this idea: a botanic bunch, hung above your bed. Looks just as good as it dries. 
Easy, pretty art.

Do not disturb - I'm washing with all my beautiful-amber-glass-packaged products.

This is the freakin' amazing design hotel - Alex Hotel - in Perth (more pics here)

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