For (Coffee) Lovers Only - new and noted from NZ's Taus Ceramics...

Tim of Taus has top quality taste in maker's aprons, love that pink! He's also been crafting a bunch of new things which I wanted to share with you, all things that have that winning combo of contemporary, clean lines but with a throw-back vintage vibe... 

We want one of Tim's new coffee sets please. Love the teeny blue stamped cup icon, and that distinctive lip on both the coffee pot and the cup - go back and have another look. Nice, right? And if you're into pour over coffee brewing, then say hello to the best-looking cone dripper we've seen yet. Simple, handmade, lifetime-lasting stuff - for sale through Atomic Coffee if you need one right meow. Finally, we love Tim's Coffee, Please mugs and their old school diner feel. 

Tim is sold out of all of these lovelies right now but he's taking orders for his next batches - so contact him through the Taus website.

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