Awesome design/craft workshop in Wellington - The Neighbourhood Studio

Eloise Evans, dreamer of awesome dreams and maker of things happening

The Neighbourhood Studio's bright, beautiful workshop

NZ illustrator Flora Waycott uses The Neighbourhood Studio as a making space

The Neighbourhood Studio has a
growing group of goodies for sale - all made by local designers
Beautiful details, collected by Eloise over the years

Albert helping. So helpful, Albert.

Albert going in for the 75th snuggle of the day

Eloise (middle) with illustrators Flora Waycott & Greta Menzies
- these babes all teach The Neighbourhood Studio's classes and workshops

Ahhhh! It's an amazing time to be alive! Ok, that sounded intense. I just mean that there's so much inspiring, super cool stuff happening - you literally can do anything you want; make your life whatever you want it to be. And this new business and project in Wellington is one example of that...

This is The Neighbourhood Studio, a creative workshop and screen-printing space in Wellington. Behind it is Eloise Evans, just in her early 20's. She graduated from Massey Uni in 2011, and though she wanted to get into textile design (her course of study) full-time, she found access to screen printing equipment basically non-existent, and certainly not in her post-student budget. She also missed that sense of community you get at Uni. 

The idea for a community screen printing studio started percolating - a space with all the equipment needed to make, and to work alongside other creative people. The concept is already successful internationally - there are similar studios in Melbourne, NY, London, Toronto... and Eloise decided it was time for Wellington to have one!

She started buying and storing secondhand specialised equipment while on the hunt for a space.
A light-filled building came up in Newtown, amongst a bunch of industrial workshops, and Eloise (with her boyf, dad and stepdad helping and Albert the dalmatian supervising) spent 4 months transforming the space into her (your!) dream creative studio.

The Neighbourhood Studio is set up to offer designers and artists access (affordably and flexibly) to the equipment, material and space they need to make - whether working on a project start to finish in the studio, or just popping in to expose a screen or buy some supplies. The studio is open Tuesday to Friday by appointment, with an all-welcome open day every Saturday. 

Take a Class
The Neighbourhood Studio has just kicked off a series of workshops - there's 1-day Screen Printing Basics and Natural Dye workshops coming up, as well as 6-week mini courses which guide you through making your own projects, and other classes too - check the website for more, or follow The Neighbourhood Studio on  Facie or Insta to stay in the loop. The teachers include Wellington illustrators Flora Waycott and Greta Menzies who are both amazing and inspiring in their own right.

The Neighbourhood Studio website   /   Instagram   /   Facebook

Huge thanks to Fancy collaborators,
Wellington photographers Tim and Nadine Kelly
who make simple images into stories

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