Happy New Year, design-lovers! We're B-A-A-A-A-A-C-K - with the new range from NZ brand Penney + Bennett:

Happy New Year, buddies. Did you have a good holiday? I'm easing you sleepily into 2016 with these plump little bedtime babies. They're from Penney + Bennett's new collection, The Night Dynasty. What I love most about Penney + Bennett (aside from that they're a NZ brand) is the size of their cushions (nice and big), and the fact that their designs come in silk or linen. I'm a linen fan, me - although they do say sleeping on silk is better for your hair. Perhaps we should do beauty tips with every post this year? Sleeping on good-looking textiles reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Because you're worth it.

You should totally check out the full new collection over at Penney + Bennett's website.

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