Fancy SPACES for your Sunday...

Photography Jansje Klazinga

I could comfortably sit here all Sunday, while someone brings me coffee every 90 minutes
(See more of this house here)

The new home of Swedish blogger and stylist, Annaleena Karlsson. Love those black Muuto Cover chairs.

(Photo by Derek Swalwell for My Domaine)

Relevant to my current kitchen interests. The marble ledge shelf with things-arranged-neatly makes this home feel a bit like a restaurant... and I dig that.

Having your own scullery space is like reaching a Bonus Level in life. (LOVE the internal black door, too). This combination of tradish Shaker style with contemporary colours and elements is a good choice.

DIY, anyone?

I may or may not have picked this purely for that meowy little face. (Also, for the patterin-clashing linen and wallpaper too)

You so pretty, gurl. Let it not be said that all I like is black-accented Scandi minimalism. 

Love a good bench seat, as you know. And things arranged neatly on a ledge, as you know. And butler sinks. And mixers with the pull out spray function. 

Perhaps my fave light that IKEA have ever produced, so nice. Also appreciating blonde timber with a darker grey (crinkled linen tablecloth for the win).

Yaaaaaaaas. Everything yes. The lighting, the french windows, the black cabinetry, the rug yes.

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