Awesome collaboration between NZ design store Paper Plane and a local ceramicist...

I know, right? But before you head off to buy some, hear the story behind them...

Each piece is formed from a handmade mould

Getting the mist juuuuuuuust right

Each piece has Jen's maker's mark on the base

Into the kiln we go, little ones...
Daym gurl you look good.

Krista Plews from Paper Plane hunts worldwide (yes, I am picturing her in camos) for amazing homeware and makers, but her latest find ended up being just down the road - in countryside just out of Tauranga. Who she 'found' was Jen Watt, who runs her own successful ceramics studio and brand, JS Ceramics.

Krista had some ideas on the ceramic collection she wanted to create for Paper Plane, but no ideas on how to make it a reality. Jen and her small team developed the Paper Plane concept over the course of months, experimenting with different moulds, and playing with dozens of different brush types to get just the right amount of speckle. They nailed it, right? Teamwork makes the dream work. The perfect balance of bold and contemporary, yet delicate. 

The Paper Plane x JS Ceramics Mist collection is made from slip-cast, pure white NZ earthenware clay, hand-glazed, then kiln fired. It's a long process, and every piece is a little bit different from the rest in form and pattern... which we lalala-love. 

The Mist collection includes a tumbler, a small circular dish, small bowl (digging the slightly non-traditional shape of this), a large bowl, that awesome rectangular platter, and a set of four coasters

Available only at Paper Plane.

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