Friday design Pick n Mix

If you're a regular around here (hi, love you, you guys are my faves) - you'll know all about Roxana Barrus (Roxy Marj) and her signature illustrated kids goodies. Call me 7, but the aesthetic appeals so much to me, I'd totally put this rug below the bathroom sink or something.

Completely in love with this Arch mirror from consistently-inimitable NYC design studio, Bower.

Muuto feeding me a big spoonful of YES with their two new pendant lights. Up there is Ambit, designed by TAF Architects (I love the sage green, and there's also black or white). And down there is the beautiful Grain pendant by young Swedish designer Jens Fager for Muuto. Have a watch of that short video of Jens handling that Grain pendant. Like seeing Drake in a skivvy, it, um, did things to me. 

(P.S: NZ penpals, Muuto lighting is available locally through Bauhaus).

Kitchen things by Etsy illustrator Micush.

My idea of heaven - a huge design store, sharing a warehouse space with an amazing eatery. Australian homeware and furniture brand Koskela have recently reopened their dining space, calling it Koskela Kitchen. Defo on the itinerary for my Sydney trip in Jan.

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