I do appreciate a good entranceway... 

Loving gold cutlery, affordable Ikea stools and a little herb planter. 

This is one corner of the home studio of blogger and designer Sarah Sherman Samuel. I may or may not have picked this mainly for her doggy, Cracker. 

Marble, brass, blonde wood and leather = #squadgoals. (OK, I apologise for saying #squadgoals).
But um.... the sink is all brass too. (Falls over dead). 

This is relevant to my interests. If it ticks your interior boxes too, you might like to see the whole place - here

Poetry and herbal tea corner. (But tidy up your books, would you? Jeez. We've got people coming.)
All the blogger's homes today... this refreshingly lived-in corner belongs to Erin from Design from Mankind. Love the super high ledge - might have to Single White Female that idea.

This is actually the staff kitchen at a New York-based company. You guys taking CVs?

I love this little nursery flavour (P.S: layered rugs can work, and the pom-pom curtain is cute)

Brass and black bathroom babe in Bendigo. All the B's.. by Australian architects Flack Studio.

A new home office for blogger Bianca of My Unfinished Home. You can't go wrong with white and leafy.

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