When I saw this on Instagram, someone had commented: "Great look! Many drawers!" 
Haha. I think that about sums it up...

Guys, FAUCET! Also love those super tall brass cupboard handles. (This is an amazing house, see the rest of it here.)

Idea to steal: big ottomans can double as a day bed - stack with cushions and put somewhere that bathes in sunlight.

Love the simplicity and functionality of this - perfect idea for a teeny bathroom. Also, can I just take this opportunity to say Shub. Such a great word. Thanks. 

How sweet is this home office? I always wanted my own home office balcony; somewhere I can take a smoko. (Cut to me in a hardhat, with a thermos. If you're having a smoko, you have to have a hardhat and a thermos.)

Oh I do love to see original bones. And those vintage stools are cool. The rest of the house (with a city garden and the cutest shaggy poochface is just as unpretentious and lovely, and it's here)

Old warehouse converted into a 3-level home, by Australia's Techne Architects.

Add some gas hobs and this would be a 10 out of 10 for me. 

Cute built-in corner shelves (good idea for a teeny bedroom)

I adore this kitchen from this Brooklyn brownstone. Can't you just imagine how at home you'd feel in a place like this? You'd wake in the guest room to the kids all jumping on your bed, and you'd shuffle into the big kitchen-dining area in your PJs with your top-knot all skew-if, and the mum would be cooking pancakes, while the dad's popped out to get fresh coffee. You guys keen on a billet? 

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