A few NZ Design Quickies...

Dreamy floaty watercolour loveliness from NZ designer Mini Grande, (the full series is available from our friends at Paper Plane).

This is awesome! Collectors Anonymous is a keep-in-the-glove-box-guide (only $19) to the best op-shops, second hand stores and other places to rummage (who doesn't love a good rummage), from the tip of the North to the tail of the South, including the gems hiding in teeny towns. There's even a key to how 'spensy each place is. Road Trip!!

I think this swan would be freakin' adorable in a nursery. By NZ maker Kim Lawrence.

I must own these. Handmade by NZ's Claybird Ceramics - a special marbled series available from Mekka. And have you ever seen prettier plate undersides? I know when something's good - I start feeling a bit sick to my stomach. These babes are giving me the heaves.

OK... as you were!

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