A Day in the Life of Claudia Zinzan - from Father Rabbit

Watching Claudia Zinzan spend time with her kids (Tony and Michaela) in the morning - unhurried, patient and sharing laughs - you'd probably not guess she, with husband Nick, heads one of New Zealand's biggest and most-loved homeware brands - Father Rabbit. After brekkie, Claudia does the school run, and heads into work. First stop on this day, BLOC - where Claudia has both a stunning, things-organised-neatly Father Rabbit store, and a brand new space The Supply Cupboard, part linen cupboard, part butler's pantry. After helping her team re-arrange (who doesn't love a good re-arrange!) and create new displays, it's off to get supplies for a shared lunch - not something special just for this day, but something the team do regularly. At the Father Rabbit head office in Greenlane, there's online orders being (beautifully) packaged and sent to homes around New Zealand, new makers and suppliers to be in contact with, and a brand new good-looking website to launch. Which means lots of homeware styling and photographs to be done, too. Is it 5 already? Back to BLOC, then, for their Spring party - a well-earned Rosé in hand.

Swift and Click making magic from the everyday - for Fancy

Thank you, Fisher & Paykel - being proudly designed here in New Zealand, for New Zealand homes and families, you are the perfect partners for our Day in the Life series.

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  1. I love this edit! What a beautiful spread of family life, work and fun balanced!


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