Two NZ>AU sisters and their very cool homeware brand, Hello Polly:

Helloooo to you, Hello Polly. Hello Polly is an online homeware store curated by sisters Sarah Kelk and Helen Adam. Sarah and Helen are originally from New Zealand; but now call Australia home.
I mean, I guess it's OK Melbourne, because you're pretty cool and you have excellent cafes, so if anyone's going to steal them I can see why it would be you, but just remember they did grow up in Invercargill, kay? #Justsayin'

After travelling and working around the world (as an interior designer and gallery/design store curator amongst other things), Sarah settled in Melbourne in 2011. Wanting to introduce Australasia to some of the amazing independent designers she'd come across in Europe, she launched Hello Polly. Her sissarol Helen had already been in Melbourne a few years by then, with an established career in fashion (including for brands like Gorman). The two started working together more and more - Sarah bringing her love of painterly patterns and Helen inspired by textiles - eventually creating their own Hello Polly line of homeware.

The Hello Polly collection IS MY FAVE. (ahem) and includes cushions, throws, and paintings by Sarah. Also, how cool would it be to work your sister? Sisters are the best (I have four of them!). One minute they're like "Can you stop breathing on me? Ugh. You're breathing weird." or PMS-screaming about who snaked the last of the coconut yoghurt, and next minute they'll be like: "This eyebrow pencil is a better colour on you, you can have it." 

Want this painting quite badly.

Some of the gang from Hello Polly's sophomore range of cushions

As well as their own Hello Polly range, Hello Polly stocks a stupid-good catalogue of homeware, stationery, art, kids' stuff and more, from independent designers. Go on, go have a look!

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