Introducing, The Sunday Bench...

Dining table seating - we're fans of black

Styling Alana Broadhead; Photography with thanks to my friends Swift & Click

You know that famous song that plays before the movie starts?  I am totally playing that song in my head right now. Because I'm super excited to be launching my own line, The Sunday Kind

There's N I C E  things for your home to come - but we're starting off with The Sunday Bench.
Designed by Alana Broadhead (that's me), in collaboration with maker Nigel Cotterill of NDC. Bench seats are freakin' awesome - but hard to find or hard to afford. The Sunday Bench is a simple contemporary bench seat that's the perfect size to work as dining table seating, at the end of your bed, in the entranceway/hallway, in the bathroom...

The Sunday Bench is available in blonde (natural white ash) or bold black, and each one is handcrafted to order. Order online here - shipping everywhere in NZ with Australia coming soon.

If you wanna keep in touch with The Sunday Kind and what we're making next for your place ~ follow The Sunday Kind over on Instagram.

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  1. Well done - these benches are gorgeous - love the curves! I first saw them in Homestyle mag and entered the giveaway*fingerscrossed*


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