Happy Sunday, lovers of homes and interior design and spaces and the general good life:

The perfect spot for a duvet day...
Photography by Tia Borgsmidt

You guys know how much I love these small Scandinavian apartment kitchens with the diner at the end. Bench seats with storage space for the win.

One of the original and best design bloggers, Victoria of SF Girl by Bay (see more pics here), just brought a new home in LA. Love seeing her style. This pic's also from her house...

I do love a good black interior doorway.
Fun Fact: I really enjoy pics of homes' intersection points - like this image, and the next one. Anyone else? There must be a word for that...

The next meeting of the Teeny Kitchen Appreciation Society will be held October 3rd. Bring a plate and your TKAS name badge. Digging the small size black tiles on the floor (not something you see a lot), the round white mirror (quelle surprise) and the itty bitty entrance. 

This is close to perfect, for me.

Yeah, it's a magazine editorial (by stylist Susanna Vento) but I could still see this as an awesome kids' room. Love the trio of Ikea drawers as a high bed base.

I refuse to say Pop of Black.

Oak frames, white frames, gallery wall, one large photographic piece, uneven amounts of mismatched chairs, chairs scratched to shit, pottery, walnuts, super-dark stained floorboards. See? There are no rules.

Love the brass (not too heavy-handed), the soft grey cabinetry, the one-wide-length of white shelving, the little bit of greenery.

Dunno what you're planning for this arvo, but I'll just be here with a few magazines, until my fingers turn into raisins.

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