Gettin' you going - a little NZ interior design lap dance, with some of the highlights from the @HomestyleNZ Spring issue:

Spring frolics! There's a new issue of Homestyle out on shelves this week, with soooo many great NZ homes to tour through, plus a focus on kitchen style and babe bathrooms. There's the continuing home reno of Gem Adams (Blackbird - who has just opened a store in Hawke's Bay) - this issue we peep at her bathroom and laundry. (And if you're a fan of that shibori dyed fabric, there's a how-to in the issue too.)

Photography Melanie Jenkins 

Plus, a bathroom feature 'two ways' - light and fresh, versus dark and luxe. And Homestyle also checks out the new bathroom of NZ interior designer and colour maximalist, Alex Fulton.

And, oh my very good goodness, Superette's head office - designed by Material Creative. That staff bathroom though! I'm just giving you a little Homestyle lap dance here, there's so much more to see in the issue - get your hands on a copy.

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