Form and Function - new from NZ designers George and Willy:

Photography by Wayne Tait

NZ designers George & Willy continue their refreshing approach to design with another timeless 'life tool' that is as good-looking as it is functional - Firestarter

No kindling, no newspaper, no burning your fingers when the match gets too low. It's an entirely different way of lighting a fire. Fill the sleek blackened steel vessel with the lamp oil and dip the firestone - a porous ceramic stone - into the oil. When you light the firestone, you get a decent flame that burns for 15-20 minutes (plenty of time to get large logs alight). The oil-filled vessel sits on the hearth, ready to be used daily, only needing to be refilled 2-3 times a year (and you can get lamp oil from your local hardware store). Pretty genius, right? Goodbye kindling, newspaper, mess and fire fails. Buy here (George & Willy ship worldwide too, guys)

You can skip everything I've said, and just watch this BEAUTIFUL video by Motion Sickness Studio...

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