Ugghhhh, amazing! Love the teeny window seat tucked into that window space (weird spot for it - but s'ok - I'm equal-opportunity-window-seats). Love the new York map on the wall, the black handles, the small areas of mosaic tile with black grout, the teeny weeny corner shelves... oh -and here's the rest of the kitchen/dining space...

Dream Studio Space, Part XXVII

Get this weird feeling I've shared this before...? I'm a sucker for a vintage double basin and that vintage mirror is beauts, too.

A part of me just wants to live in a tiny apartment. Like this one. Mezzanine bed!

Everything Australian architects Rob Mills do is perfection. This house is right on the beach along the Great Ocean Road, backed by forest, and is available to rent. Ridiculous girls' weekend, anyone?

Dream Studio Space, Part XXVIII (guys, this is our meeting table)

Love that extra extra long ledge, the rug, the sofa, the cactus. Yes, I am literally just listing things I like. Come on, it's Sunday.

I feel like these black drawers would show up alllll your grubby fingermarks. Grubby. Still want a black kitchen, though.

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