Marble and leather and black grout and brass, that's what little girls are made of.

I like where this is going....

I can't feel my face when I'm with you, but I love it. 

The interior design internet needs more of this - this being proof you don't need a huge architectural space - or an expensive one - to have style. 

If you love a good before and after, this one is inspired. I'm especially appreciating the rug-in-bathroom thing, and the fact that the designer used on-trend accents without it looking too trendy. (A little piece of my soul dies every time I say Trendy)

You know you've made it when your home has a Landing
(Love the black wall that extends from first floor to second, and the bleached-look floorboards). 

And this is the same house... master bedroom. Shout out to touches of copper without going overboard, blankies that look like the deep blue sea, and a white tongue and groove feature wall.

I'm going to DIY the shit out of this bed

I full-time L.O.V.E this - a before-and-after bathroom that shows you don't need lots of Rutherfords to makeover your space. 

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  1. The rug in the bathroom looks really nice but is it really suitable for a bathroom??


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