Fancy SPACES for your Sunday...

Not sure if this is a small cafe, a summer house, an at-home office or... something else. But I loves it.

Ugh. #kitchengoals.

Supah cute twin set! Perfect for my imaginary twin girls, James and Moss.

Aside from the lighting fixture reminding me a bit of the dentist (the terror!), this is perfection.
Hallway/entrance bench seat deliciousness (Also, double doors always beat single doors - because you can open them with a flourish like 'Ta-daaaa!')

Predictably, I LOVE this. 

I would do just about anything to have floorboards like this. Shall we look at the kitchen in this house? Ok then...


Exposed rafters, polished concrete floors, crazy-deep industrial shelving on a huge white kitchen island... Yes, I am literally just listing the things I like. What do you want from me? It's Sunday, the day of rest.

Reasons I am starting to really love green, #43

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