End-of-the-week handstands and a Pick n Mix for you...

Happy Friday!

Arro Home have released a fresh collection - New Wave.  (On their online store now)

Perfection in the form of a brand identity for this US-based Italian restaurant. Designed by Christine Wisnieski (who has lots of good work on her site)

Simple, functional, sweet-looking. That's a trifecta. (Measuring cups from Father Rabbit)

Pretty and useful. Pretty useful! Tray

So, I love enamelware enough already. And then you go and do some in soft grey. Double rainbows right across the sky. (Available here)

MINNA is an independent textile brand from NY-based designer Sara Berks (who has an awesome dog pal) Love the way you do what you do, when you do what you do, Sara. 

Australia's Blacklist has moved into stationery and IT IS ALL AMAZING. (Available from my homies at Paper Plane store). I'm personally a daily Thankful For writer-downers, so especially loving that little pink and gold Grateful journal.

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