Ah, Monday. Need to Get Shit Done? Win notebooks from @migoals - over on the blog:

I don't think there's much I love more than a freshy-fresh notebook. Except maybe making lists and ticking them off. MiGoals make me double happy with their range of Get Shit Done notebooks, (each spread is half To Do list, half notebook). 

They've recently launched a new Get Shit Done collection, a collab with one of my faves, illustrator Bianca Cash

(They also have clean minimalist style covers, and colour-block styles. Aaaand they have a range of desk pads, Be Awesome sketchbooks and prints. Have a lookee/buy online here.)

For a list of NZ stockists (or if you're store and would like to become a MiGoals stockist), check out Smitten, who represent MiGoals in NZ.

I have a bunch of the MiGoals Get Shit Done notebooks - in different styles - to give away.
Like a couple? To enter, just email enter@newzealanddesignblog.com
and include your postal address. 

N O W   C L O S E D

Congrats to Laura Hill, Harriet Wild, Hannah Williams,
Anna Elan and Tobin Myers 

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