Wild Wagon - new NZ stationery design brand!

Two from the Wild Wagon greeting card range

I made a GIF! Wild Wagon's new collection of wrapping paper

I've had my beady eye on Wild Wagon for a while, since spying Cristina Viscu's illustrated (hand painted) art prints over at endemicworld a couple of months back. The plan was always for Wild Wagon to be a stationery design brand, so Cristina has just launched a range of greeting cards and - my fave - wrapping paper in watercolour, marbled and illustrated styles. Also coming verrrry soon are Wild Wagon journals (I have my name down for two already. *clears throat* My name is Alana and I'm a blankjournalholic. It's been three days since my last blank journal purchase.)

Cards and wrapping paper available at the Wild Wagon online store and from The Bread and Butter Letter)

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