A little something to inspire you this Monday... (short film by Firetale Films)

At the risk of blogging too much about Unna and The Forest Cantina... I really want you guys to watch this and be inspired. 

To be inspired to maybe go and buy Unna's book (you'll love it), but also to be inspired to find whatever it is that makes your heart sing and then go do it. Do it a lot and don't stop. (Because here's a secret - after a time, you'll be known for that thing. And you'll be super happy.)

Beautiful short by Welly-based Firetale Films (who are also doing what they love, telling stories through film).

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  1. So beautiful - all of it! the cook book, the short film, the chickens, the food, the dedications, Unna, the family and especially the driving passion. Loving your blog too!


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