(Trumpet Sounds).... Summer '15 collection from NZ's CITTA Design!

Reversible bedding is the best idea since cheese on crackers

Patterns from punchy, to pared back 

New fave - that huge fringed linen cushion in rose pink

The new Mono fabric light shades (each shape also comes in white and grey); simple ceramics

The landscape of Mali inspired this new collection's textures and aesthetic

New Hem sofa and Mudcloth rug (hand-knotted wool). The Mudcloth pattern of lines, arrows and dots appears on a range of goodies including cushions and tea-towels.

New Hem seating from Citta's designer Dave Moreland.
Also digging the huge linen cushions with tassels.

Love the new Obi cushion (it has embroidered accents too) and Obi rug 

Reversible linen bedding. Mmmmm...

The just-launched-yesterday Summer '15 collection from NZ's Citta Design. So many new faves! Love that the patterns run from punchy to pared back... 
OK Citta,  just take all my money.

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