The return of... Fancy SPACES

Claw foot baths beat everything. Loving emerald green too, by the way. I vote for putting a few of your fave, matching goodies out on display (buy a couple of matching towels for home spa vibes) and everything else can go in the cabinet. The bathroom's also the perfect spot for plants.

So prettttttty. This is how you do F for fun, without in-your-face colour.

Black chairs for the win! Love the bold modern alongside feminine vintage in this space.
Also, ideas to steal: a huge (oversized) glass vase and some simple foliage is a thing you can do. Also, a coffee table book opened to a good-looking spread is a thing you can do.

It doesn't all have to be designer to be awesome. The trick to styling your space is for it not to look styled. PS: Having a huge bedroom is #lifegoals.

Another view of the same bedroom/home. So cute, right? 

A tree inside is a thing. Would you try it? 
Also, featuring one of my all-time fave things: french doors inside.

A nest built over time is better (in every way I can think of) than a home decorated top-to-toe with fast fashion. 

Love the soft grey grid tile (not too big, not too small); the vanity made from a cheap vintage table, slab of marble and sink; the chair (sit down and take your time with the daily care rituals).

Oh, hai. Well aren't you just a sun-bleached blonde hottie. Love the wishbone(r) chairs on one side of the table, a bench seat on the other... and the oversized stow basket.

This one's a NZ home, by bathroom designer Greg Chichester. Love those marble tiles (available from Tile Space), the black tapware, and the fact they kept the leadlight windows intact... 

Kitchen corner perfection (styled by Emma Fisher).

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