Happy Fri-yay Pick n Mix!

Shout out to Iggy Azalea for ruining this blog's name.
And now, on with the show!

Speckled and watercoloury ceramics are definitely my jam right now. And designer Brooke Winfrey (Brooklyn, NY) makes some of the best...

Fish and Chips aren't as fattening if you buy them from a well-designed joint like this.
That's a fact. From science. (Good Fish Co, designed by the awesome Swear Words)

Art prints and cute textiles by Australian brand Stampel (designer Andrea Shaw)

Yeah, yeah I know - put a candle on it. My house is starting to resembles a shrine, or the top of a birthday cake. But it's a really lovely one though! Creamy white handmade ceramic vessel, wooden wick, and the Treehouse scent smells of pine, cedar leaf and cedar woods, juniper berries, and moss. By Australian interior designers Triibe. Totally buying.

Pared back painterly prints (all the P's!) by Copenhagen based designer Silke Blonde (more styles here)

Pineapple rug and cushion by Wood Wool Stool

In 'please take me here' news, this.  Pumphouse Point - an old industrial Pumphouse at the end of a jetty, on Australia's deepest lake, within a world heritage area, in Tasmania. It's been turned into a 12-room boutique wilderness retreat - the realisation of a dream that eco-tourism entrepreneur Simon Current held for this place for 20 years! (You can read more about the story here) Architects Cumulus Studio transformed the industrial, heritage-listed  building into a warm and stylish place to stay, with brand and identity by the never-not-excellent South South West.  I can smell the pine and fresh air from here...

And that's the perfect way to leave you for the weekend... have a lovely one!

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