A design afternoon tea for you! Pick n Mix...

Photography by Katherine Lu

Pour out a little for your fallen homie because I. AM. DEAD.  And when I get to heaven, I hope it looks like this house in Sydney's Double Day, designed by architects Tribe Studio. Black prism exterior, woah. Pink door, WOAH. Everything, WOAH. I'm woah-ing all over the place here. 

Danish design legends Menu have lots of lovely new things for 2015 (from top - Pepe marble mirror, Afteroom lounge chair, Bollard lights, Norm wall mirror - put a circle mirror on it)

Norfolk have a bunch of cute type-based stuff for kids and big kids. Love the matching work hard, play hard tees for parent and monster.

This one's going straight to the pool room. (Last Steel stool from online store Hem - also comes in polished brass and copper...)

This holds all the things! And then you can buy extra inserts to hold more of all the things! Mod leather hold-alls (they come in different kinds of leather and in laptop and tablet size) from LA based This Is Ground. If you are travelling, you need one of these. Also, if you are alive and have eyes and like to do things, you need one of these. 

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