Wellington's Unna Burch - The Forest Cantina (her debut book)

So let me set the scene a little for you. In Wellington central, just on the outskirts of a little inner-city forest, lives a young tattooed mumma, her husband Aary and their two boys. She raises champion heritage breed hens, and harvests her own raw honey from her backyard beehives. After extracting honey from the hives using muslin cloth, she packages it carefully with a ink-stamp label that she designed specially. And she gifts the honey to people. 

Actually, come to think of it - the way she approaches her honey epitomises Unna Burch (also known as The Forest Cantina)... She loves food, adores it. But it's much more than that. She loves to feed and nurture people; she's inspired by the way food can make friends and family feel loved; and she's passionate about the entire food experience - from the origin of her ingredients (like daily eggs from her hens) to the fine details of presentation. 

If you've ever checked out her Instagram or website, you'll already know she has a bad-ass natural gift for style. And it wasn't just me who noticed. Because about a year ago, New Holland Publishers were reading this. very. blog. (who, me?) and saw this post about Unna. Next thing you know, they were offering The Forest Cantina a book deal...

Shelfie (styled by Homestyle's Alice Lines) from Unna's kitchen - spot her honey...

Sorry feast, but show STOLEN by Unna's boy Leo munching on breads.

So (amidst creating and shooting recipes for Capital magazine and putting together Wellington's first Kinfolk gathering), Unna's been super hard at perfecting, styling and shooting the "100 most favourite things I cook for friends and family" - and now finally the book is here! Trumpet mouth sounds!

My Garden Kitchen is all about easy weekdays and slow food weekends - quick and easy noms for weeknights, dishes that take more time and attention in the weekends.

Obsessed with this ceramic platter by NZ's Wundaire

Unna's debut book features recipes for these delicious morsels and lots more

My Garden Kitchen is available for pre-order sales now - please go here to order directly from Unna.  It's a hard cover with 208 pages, two ribbon markers (love that) and 100 yummo things to create in your own cantina.

Plus, Unna is putting everyone who pre-orders in a draw to ~ WIN ~ a $400 prize pack that includes custom-made 2-piece dinner set by Wundaire ceramics, handmade wooden serving board and loads more. 

P.S, Penpals: Work hard and be nice to people, and good (amazing) things will happen.

Lifestyle and portrait images by Benjamin and Elise;
food images styled and shot by Unna Burch/The Forest Cantina.

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