Ooh yeah - the eatery so nice they named it twice - the new SUPREME SUPREME

The place so nice they named it twice - the newest cab off NZ's Coffee Supreme rank, Supreme Supreme. 

Christchurch, you pretty city, after all that you've been through, you deserve to have a spot this hot in your neighbourhood. Little bit jealous of you though. 

Clever signage - shadow play creates the double word 

Very instagrammable - neon signs make me Double Happy, too.

(speaking of which, you should check Supreme Supreme out on Instagram)

White Good One Stools - these were originally designed by Coffee Supreme's Creative Director Al Keating, for their Good One cafe in Auckland

These chairs were designed especially for Supreme Supreme by Al Keating and Jess Barter (of Bureaux Architects - who worked with Al on the space).  Love those red end caps on the white tube.

Fresh nautical feels

Coffee Supreme produce some cool cool shit for sale at each location - exclusive to that location. These grid cups are on offer, but only at Supreme Supreme Christchurch. (Checks Grab a Seat for airfares...)

Design is in the detail.

Yes, you can have this freshy fresh at your place - Coffee Supreme's roasted repertoire is available online for home delivery

Rub it on my face... letterpress printed coasters.

Bespoke shelving also designed by Al Keating for Supreme Supreme

Supreme Supreme's team make condiments fresh out the kitchen

You should most definitely visit Supreme Supreme - at 10 Welles Street, central city Chirstchurch. 

All killer, no filler photography by South Island-based Georgina Skinner for Fancy
(Look out for more from Georgie soon, too...)

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