Matte pink walls, botanics and a toast bar! The new Muck & Were Bros...

Love your lettering, Felix Henning-Tapley

Best paint colour

(I support local people)

Carter Were named her artisan bread brand after her great-great-great granddads business, Were Bros. (started in the 1890's in Christchurch)

Wishing I could I Dream Of Genie wiggle my nose and be sitting in this little space, Muck Floral & General Store - opened recently by friends Sophie Wolanski and Carter Were. The store offers up styled flowers and wild botanics (thanks to Sophie of Muck) and the cult-status-good Were Bros. small batch organic bread (thanks to Carter) - buy in whole loaves, or choose something at the toast bar (A toast bar? That's my kind of establishment). There's homemade ricotta, pickles and more, and they've also curated a wee selection of ceramics, textiles and other homeware from local makers and talented friends of theirs. 

Open Thursday - Sunday at 480 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland.

All photography by Josh Griggs for Fancy. 
So good, Josh.

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