Friday? Pick n Mix time!

Been around the world and I-I-I...

Sydney-based Weak End Club. YAAAAS.

You so preeeetty, gurl. Arin table - made with a finely milled marble top. Also comes in black-stained oak and black marble top, super hot.

Frankie's SPACES 3 is coming in July, pre-orders are availabubble now.

GUR rugs are awesome collabs between GUR and illustrators and designers. Seriously good prices (around NZ$100-$130) and lots of rad styles to choose from.

Ok, every corporate or agency office needs one of these. Leather Paper Saver - the last notebook you'll ever need. It reuses printed paper, just fold A3 or A4 paper into the back sleeve and abracadabra ala peanut butter sandwiches, you have a notebook. 

I have fallen completely in love with photographer Luke Stephenson's work, particularly his project An Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds. Best thing I've laid eyes on in years. The full series of fine art photographs has also been made into a book, available here.

My little man Company has just turned 100, so I've been looking for an amazing new dog bed for him. These cool big floor cushions by Australia's Into the Fold are already real popular for kids' rooms, and I think perfect for kids with tails, too.

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