CURRENTLY - What Lauren Palmer, Fisher & Paykel's head designer has been up to (and into) lately...

Lauren Palmer has only just cracked her 30's, but she's the Chief Designer at Fisher & Paykel (Cooking and Dishwashing division). That means she designs - and heads up some of the team that designs - Fisher & Paykel's world-leading, innovative kitchen appliances, all from their Design Centre in Dunedin. She pilots new products from idea to reality, and along the way, she and her workmates test the appliances - ALOT - by cooking at work. In fact, they run a verrrry good food blog, called Our Kitchen (totally worth a click).

A holiday somewhere warm and sunny!  Last year we visited LA, Palm Springs, and San Diego in one slightly exhausting week and I’m desperate to go back and spend some more time in LA soaking up the city and in Palm Springs checking out the amazing mid-century architecture. Then I want to head north and cruise up the Pacific Coast Highway to San Fran. 

For work: Decoding the New Consumer Mind by Kit Yarrow.
And for fun: Us by David Nicholls, it’s hilarious and sad in equal measures.

I’m looking forward to the Best Awards judging later this year.  It will be pretty exciting to be surrounded by talented people and great NZ design.

Just starting to get back into slow cooked stews and soups – hearty, warming, winter food.
I’m also a passionate baker so there is always cake!

Of course I love Fancy! 
I am also a huge fan of The Design Files - I’m loving their ‘Melbourne Mornings’ series. Really beautiful and inspiring wee vids. 

Visiting Christchurch to catch up with family and friends, and see the rebuild in progress.  It’s great to see so many creative pop up projects happening and the cityscape evolving.

We’re just in the process of refurbing our staff kitchen and we’ve bought a swag of IMO furniture, now I want to get some Baker stools for my house too – just need to knock down a wall to create space for a kitchen island!  Seems reasonable to plan a renovation around a bar stool right?

Firewood, heatpumps and woollens!

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