Quick! Before you knock off for the long weekend - a Friday Pick n Mix for you...

If you're into self development and design (and books with covers that turn into wall posters), you'll love this big fat inspo book - Design Your Life, by Australian agency designer Vince Frost. Full of interviews and good advice on applying design principles to your own life to get happier, healthier and more creatively awesome.

Is anyone over minimally designed, clean typographically packaged skincare? 
No? Right, good, on we go! This one (made in Australia) is for the men - farewell yo' Lynx, we grown ups now. (Actually Lynx hasn't been OK since you were about 14). Don't let the aesthetic fool you, the prices are really good too - and they can ship to NZ or anywhere in the world. 

How to spend $100 without even blinking: a tutorial. Go to Pine and Boon. See many nude leather and painterly things.  

Pop and Scott

I'm a huge fan of Melbourne's Pop and Scott. Couple Poppy Lane and Scott Gibson started out selling big painted plant pots (to complement Poppy's beautiful botanic styling work for events - see below), and have moved into making a range of furniture - including that #sofagoals couch up there (called The Dreamer) with the rose pink velvet upholstery. Also, can I just show you this please...

Poppy Lane, you're so clever.

This notepad is relevant to my many interests.

And to finish you off (don't be rude) ready for the long weekend - this little short made by Ben Steensels after his recent whirlwind adventure around New Zealand. God you're just a babe, NZ.

Grab your beanie and get out there xx (or alternatively, light the fire and stay in. I'm not judging).

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