Pick n Mix time, you guys!

Like we always do at this time.... more of the best in international design to add to your good-taste plate.

Photography by Tom Blachford

Can you even? I can't. This is Fonda, a Mexican joint in Melbourne, designed by Melbourne's amazing interior architects Techné. This is the fourth Fonda in the familia, actually (there are 3 others around Melbourne). P.S: The name Fonda not only sounds like a throw-back to jazzercise 80s - love that - but means, in Mexica, a local open house with a shared kitchen. Brand visuals (including rad graphic menus) are taken care of by design studio WILDHEN.

From the never-mind-about-the-children-they-get-everything-I'll-take-this-for-myself file, kids' brand Bobo Choses have a collection of awesome rugs. 

You know you're getting old when a rubbish tin can turn you on. This is a turned concrete bin - isn't it sexy? My studio wants it bad. I'm a fan of the concrete trend and this is a more sophisticated evolution of it.

Guys! These! Handmade copper house/apartment numbers, by Australian designer and maker Simon Bethune. I know, right? And.... go! (Save me a 5 please.)

Amongst the other perfection that indie designer Caroline Gomez makes, are these yummy ceramic Float plant hangers. 

Inkster Maken caught my eye twice - once for the beautiful materials and forms of their lights, two for their creamy n' clean brand and livery, made on a letterpress by branding studio (and letterpress specialists) The Hungry Workshop. Inkster Maken products are the designs of Hugh Altschwager - a sixth generation farming son from South Australia's Limestone Coast. You can definitely see the influence of Hugh's joint Aussie farming-family and Nordic heritage in these beauties. 
P.S:  Hugh makes these beautiful limestone lights with his own two hands, and has a big golden retriever called Bear. Um, #dreamboat, just sayin.

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