Inside Out goodies

Good news for your design and interior-loving eyeballs, the new issue of Inside Out is out. And as per, lucky me and you have sneaky peeks... (There is waaaay more in this issue than I'm sharing below - I give it 5 laying-in-bed-in-your-jarmies-while-it-rains-outside out of 5.)

Styling by Emma O'Meara, Photography by Nikole Ramsay

This home (above) is a big beautiful reno story. I think they've done copper nicely here, without it being too trendy. The trick is to not jam 14 current trends into one room... keep it classy, San Diego. 

Styling Marsha Golemac, Photography Brooke Holm

Um, if I woke up and my house was like this I would wet myself.  But like totally chill, like in a casual way. No big. It's another creation of Chris Glanville and Megan Burns (of C+M Studio). Highly relevant to my likes and interests, guys.

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