Here's what happens when you consider the design of every detail (product and packaging)... Introducing Khloris Botanical

I was excited enough to show you this new brand purely on the quality of the packaging... but then I learned more about the product itself, and also found out the creator is actually a New Zealander, Suzanne Walker. (Well, she lived here from early childhood to age 28, so we're claiming her, kay?).

OK, let me share the Khloris story with you...  

Suzanne left the higher reaches of corporate life a couple of years ago after (like so many of us) realising that if she worked as hard and creatively for herself as she did for her corporate clients she could turn something she was passionate about into a new career, into a brand. And it just so happened she was passionate about distilled plant waters. When you place flowers, leaves or twigs into a still and infuse them with just steam, their cells burst open. I so did not know that! And when that steam cools and condenses back into water, it has been enriched with oils and plant compounds. "They are not only lovely for skin, but there's a poetic element that when you distil a flower you essentially capture it, and the time and place it was grown."  Distilled plant waters have been used in beauty products for hundreds of years, but these days they're mixed with alcohol and chemical preservatives and synthetic fragrances (et al!), so Suzanne began to research what it would take to create and bottle totally pure, distilled plant and flower waters from organic, sustainable sources (including foraged wild plants). Due to the seasonality and delicate lifespan of special flowers, Khloris is not a varied product range you can choose from off the shelf anytime. Instead, they are special skin tonic combinations (containing just 2 or 3 botanic waters chosen for their effects on skin), released as very limited editions. Late last year - after 2 years of research - Suzanne released Khloris' Edition One - Witchhazel and Wild Plum Blossom

And today, Edition Two was released - Damask Rose and Frankincense. The damask rose is grown and carefully distilled on a family-run organic farm in Victoria, Australia.  The frankincense was distilled by an American woman who relocated to the Sultanate of Oman to open her own distillery (using traditional methods) after falling under the spell of frankincense. I mean come on! It couldn't be more poetic if it tried! 

And then, there's the packaging. Um, fainting. This would make the. most. amazing. gift, if you selfless enough to part with it. The bottles are a special violet (looks black) glass, designed to prolong the freshness of the waters, and the boxes and gift cards are all printed on an antique letterpress (letterpress being the perfect printing process to reflect the handmade, small-batch nature of Khloris tonics). Did you cop a big eye-full of those yummy letterpress boxes? Suzanne worked with Melbourne designers (and Letterpress lovers) The Hungry Workshop to design the brand and packaging. 

The brand mark (above) was made using an antique nature print of seaweed (nature printing was a process developed in the 1700's where plants were captured in print by pressing them into steel printing plates).  So you're holding something that's from a print from a plate made from a plant 200 years ago.

Photography by Nina Williams

Now I don't like to talk about prices so much around here guys... But knowing what you do now about the sensitive, slow process that goes into each tonic before it reaches your place, I reckon the logical next question on your lips is cost.  AUD$85 delivered to your place in NZ (or AU$92 delivered if you live in Australia, thanks GST).  You can buy this new edition online here.

Khloris website   /   Instagram

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