Friday Pick n Mix yo

Happy weekend to you, and you and you. (And especially you. You're actually my favourite.)

Best Name Award goes to young Melbourne studio Dowel Jones (designers Adam Lynch and Dale Hardiman) of Melbourne. Their prods and colourways are so. on. point! My faves are their stackable Hurdle chairs, the leather mousepad (only $48) and the Hurdle side tables... but see more at their website

In todays episode of Things That Make Me Feel Really Grown Up And Like I've Totally Made It - I've Made It, You Guys: I do love a brass or copper pen. They are hard to find, though - these new beauties (an ink pen, ballpoint and mechanical pencil) are from Kohezi

We desperately need joints like this in New Zealand - this is SLA, in Amsterdam (there are now a few of them around the city). They're salad bars, but not in the Subway or food-court carvery kinda way - there's roasted veg and antipasto-type ingredients, all different types of cheeses (that phrase is in my Top 10 all-time fave phrases - all different types of cheeses). Check out their Instagram account

Anyway, I thought you might like to see this - the interior design at SLA spots is super cool - love the signature atrium structure inside the spaces, with the big neon SLA, and those lovely botanic walls. All designed by interior architects Nicemakers (great name).

Never not loving anything that Fort Standard make. Marble (and black granite) small shelves for items. (Warning - very spensy, but couldn't not share)

I agree, this is epic. Dramatic black photograph of roses and eucalyptus in a vintage brass vessel, shot with five different lights to achieve the right amount of contrast. Available here. Digging the gold frame too.

And for dessert, a leather 'catch all' tray.

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