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Easter Feaster...

Ah, yeah... so, this is next level, guys. The Kettle Black cafe (yes - it's a cafe) in Melbourne. Housed partly inside that AMAZING old 1880's Victorian terrace house, which is wedged in between two super modern apartment complexes. It's one of the last houses of that era remaining in the area. aaaand if that weren't enough, and they could serve me a panini in a space like that and I'd be sweet, the interior. is. insane. Designed by Kestie Lane and Hana Hakim of Studio You + Me (P.S: their practice has only been going two years. I can't wait to see what they do next)... oh my god. Best bits for me? Woah, how can you even ask me that? Too hard. Probably the pale green Doll chairs (by Cafe Culture + Insitu), and that concrete construction-pipe water station (with brass lining).

Australian label Gorman have a new homeware collection for winter '15 and these are some of my fave pieces - really love that navy rug. Can you please send a poor blogger a rug?

I'm looking for a snuggly (thanks for making everything cuggalee) blanket for winter and I would be totally OK with something intended for kids, like these reversible blankies from Rafa Kids.

How adorbs is this little rescued magpie? He lives with the Bloom family in Sydney - he's free to come and go as he pleases, but while the kids are at home (and not at school etc.) that's where he wants to be - hanging out with them, including sleeping with them. 

Pompoms and circles for the wins, thanks to the awesome New Friends for Urban Outfitters

I do love me a green juice of a morning. These sexy clean lines belong to Melbourne's Greene Street Juice Co juice bar. Kudos to the interior architect, Travis Walton.

And because I love a good backstory that shows substance along with fine-ass style like this...
Greene Street Juice Co was actually started only one year ago, by a young Australian couple, Natalie and Steve Warner, who'd just returned home after some years living in New York (on 95 Greene Street in Soho - hence the name). While they were there, they'd woken up to what they wanted out of life - and it wasn't their corporate jobs. They moved home and combined their passions to create Greene Street Juice Co. Their menu of 'elixirs' are all cold-pressed to order from local, organic, fresh (not frozen) produce and are served in the nicest glass bottles your eyes ever did see.

How have I not heard of Darling magazine before? Think Kinfolk-esque, beautiful photography and paper stock, with a raison d'Θ‡tre to celebrate the art of being a woman.

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  1. Fabulous pick & mix! My fave pick is the magpie photographs. 😊


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