Good Morning! Long Weekend Pick n Mix for you...

Happy long weekend, design buns. Keep the peace x

What is it about tiny little bowls that grab me by the heart with their tiny little bowl hands and say Pleeeease own me! Put your earrings in me! Put your salt in me! Put absolutely nothing in me and just display me on a little side table and your husband will say you don't need another tiny little bowl but you will love me! These itty-bitties from American maker Amy Hanley are peach and inky blue and have 14k gold leaf. Argh.

Father (love the name), people say it's Johannesburg's best coffee

Cute new concept, great simple design - love this 'bistro towel' from Studio Patro -  for foodies/pro cooks with heftier-than-average tea towels needs, and designed to double as an apron.

If I'm honest, the name gives me a little yawn, but oooeee I'm liking very much this swimwear brand's identity and packaging - the speckles, the white-on-white embossed sticker, the colour palette. By design studio Wide & Narrow.

Reeeeeally want a pink Doris Stool, by Australian homeware brand Milk and Sugar

You'd think we have enough candles by now but no! Melbourne's The Luxuriate have just gone and hijacked the candle game - because you can choose which type of marble vessel you like (as above or an almost-black), which type of lid you love (black, gold or copper), and which scent you'd like from their 9+ range - and yes, they ship internationally.

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