Fancy SPACES for your Sunday...

My kind of office space. 

Original hardwood floors always. If you're cold, put on socks.

I'm so into the idea of a black kitchen... but do you realise how dirty it would always look? Black car owners understand the struggle.

This is exquisite, which is not a word I use a look. The ceiling moulding, the parquet floors, the old farmhouse table teamed with black chairs, the candles. Yes please.

Pure linen sheets in grey, flowers beside the bed, string lights, pictures in black frames. (Yes, I'm aware I'm just saying things at this point). Oh, and loads of storage - my OCD loves storage

Sometimes you just wanna disappear to a modernised farmhouse in the country and cook wintery things in a kitchen with a wood-burning stove and have red wine with your lunch.

Chairs as bedside tables, black floorboards, little peek of yellow.
Potted plants prettiness. Love the cafe-style table and that light, too (guys, we see it all the time - time to know its name - the Z1 Cotton Lamp). Note to self: must purchase some small concrete planters.

Amazing bathroom feat. black bath. Worldwide number one.
(By my faves Whiting Architects)

I woke up like this. (There goes that crinkly linen again - white, grey and ink make great mates). Note to self: get some navy in my life this winter.

New beach bach style - a bleached palette of white, soft grey and sand, with light timber, natural textures and distressed blues. (PS: Such a fan of C+M Studio)

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