A little Rainy Weekend Pick n Mix for you...

Hey! I really like you! 

Yes to a complete skincare range with modern minimalist packaging (so into the black, too).
I'm going to justify spending my money on lots of theseeke like this: First, I'm supporting an independent maker and entrepreneur (in this case, the Sydney-based Katy) rather than a massive corporate. Second, I'm choosing natural and organic, non-animal-tested loveliness, and thirdly, by opting for something that I think looks freakin' beautiful, I get pleasure from looking at it and using it, which brings a mindfulness to rituals that makes the simple, everyday things in life kind of amazing and awesome. So, yeah, um... if you needed an excuse to treat yo self to this super stylish stuff from theseeke, you just got three. Available in NZ from Father Rabbit (or directly from theseeke if you're in Australia/the world).

All my marble-loving baes will appreciate this portable phone charger.

Appreciating these Carved wooden bowls/trays for your precious little things, by Spanish design studio Kutarq.

All my bag hoes who like fresh rotation of bags on the regular, Baggu have a whole bunch'a new (affordable) styles and designs. 

Legends of Danish design Vipp (they make kitchen and bathroom wares) have designed a prefab getaway cabin they call Shelter. On a moody day like today I'd love to be somewhere in the forest in a cabin like this... 

My addiction to journals persists unabated. I'll be heading into Paper Plane this weekend to buy this newbie from Australia's Blacklist. For serious life-changing dreams and schemes. (Notebook-philes will appreciate it has blank pages, a page marker and an expanding pocket in the back).

I've been waiting for a better shot of this to emerge for weeks but dammit I can't wait any longer. This pale-apricot-dipped babe of a building is the showroom/office of a new apartment development currently underway in Melbourne, called Lt. York. The brand was designed by Earl Street, the architects for Lt. York are Room 11... so one/both of them are responsible for this loveliness.

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