Happy Friday Pick n Mix

Cutlery at the ready, hungry design mouths!

Australia's The Rug Collection is not silly, because it's collaborated with a bunch of up-and-coming (or, already arrived) designers to create a new Art Series collection. Way to make awesome things, guys. I'm a fan of these three especially, by Home-Work (top two) and Pony Rider.

I'm a little excited about new wallpaper design brand These Walls.  It's the creation of Queenslander Sara Hingle, an illustrator who's worked for the likes of Frankie magazine and Smith Journal. 

#Chairgoals. The TBC collection of chairs, by Australian designer Adam Lynch (of design collective Lab De Stu). Comes in a range of powdercoat colours, all with that fine-ass raw nutmeg leather. 

Also, TOTALLY related but um, babe, if you notice $750 missing out of our account, it's just that thing we spoke about the other day... you know, that thing - that thing we had to pay! Jeez, you never remember anything we talk about! Don't worry about it, I've taken care of it.

This combines two things I love - photo projects and rescue dogs. Gluta was a stray with advanced cancer - now she's cancer-free and spends her days smiling her sweet dog face off, thanks to her new person. 

Mesh - a perforated metal shelving unit by Bride and Wolfe.

If you're searching for something stylish for the man with good taste - may I suggest Kaufmann Mercantile? Maybe an Italian-leather-covered bike chain, if he's serious about his ride. 

Entrecรดte restaurant in Melbourne, by the seriously good Flack Studio (interior architects).

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