Fri-Yay Pick n Mix

Aperitif, madam?

Leather and brass trays by Skultuna making my breasts tingle. 

Markrun's Lonely Mountain cushions are pretty cute alright.

Party time, excellent. PickME stools! Would make awesome kids' bedroom side tables. 

Birthday hint to my buddies - I'd love one of these teeny marbleised concrete bowls (bedside, to put my rings in, or dining table, to put maldon salt flakes in at dinner time.) 

Mmmmm deelish, minimalist posters by Lene Norgaard.

Melbourne-based design studio Seesaw do some gorgeous brand stuff. This is a recent identity for Junction, a bar and restaurant (with a history that dates back to 1840) located between two Australian towns that each share a border along the Murray River. As lovely as all the leather, brass and copper details are, what really caught my eye here is the use of macro photos of concrete (from large painted-concrete vases that are dotted around the eatery) as a modernistic graphic element woven through the brand. Brand blog BP&O describe the conceptual tie-in of concrete better than I ever could: the images capture the unique and organic imperfections (of concrete) created by pockets of gas, some of which look like ariel photographs of river deltas, or cross sections of sediment, which feels rather appropriate for a restaurant set at the heart of a river based community.

You'll find Ace Hotels in London, LA and New York. Not only are they well-designed hotels (oh my god, the bathrooms tho) located in thriving creative city precincts, they're also decorated - in the main - with art, textiles and home goods designed by local creatives. Anywhoodle - the reason I mention all this (apart from if you're planning a trip to London or NYC soon), is that they also have an online store so you can buy some of the cool-ass shit you see in the hotel(s), like this leather tray... a collaboration between Ace Hotel and LA leather brand Billykirk.

Bust out yo bubble skirt and belt bags, the 80s are back and these perforated metal boxes are top of my pops.

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