Fancy Spaces

Kick the kid out, I'm coming to stay...

White painted floorboards and a flower taped to the wall...

Kitchen fantasies (and these are the sort of floorboards I want at home)

Silence and simplicity - time to pare back my bedroom I think...

Super cute shared bedroom! The mumma who made this kids' room also has a brilliant blog
I want to put our bed like this but my husband won't let me.
More from this house? Oh, ok...

Folksy little study space. Love that rug - it's from Urban Outfitters who have loads of boho/folk style stuff at the moment, if that's your jam.

Concrete double tub, weird-straw-shape (but cool) mixer, leather drawer pulls, vintage ladder as towel rack. Yes, I am literally just saying things I like at this point. We don't have to make conversation, it's Sunday. 

This modern, masculine loft conversion is all kinds of yes. Would you like at those pendant lights? And the black curtain rails and grey sheer curtains against those huge white arched windows? Everything. 

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